Kickstarter kicks off on November 10, 2020

That's right our kickstarter campaign begins on November 10!

💡💡, ðŸŽ¥, ðŸŽ¬! We have a launch date!

That's right our kickstarter campaign begins on November 10! Here's a quick recap of what to expect in the Kickstarter campaign launch.

What to expect

We'll have 2 kits on offer, plus rewards for early backers and also stretch goals.

axiiio Nano Starter Kit

The axiiio nano starter kit contains a nano motor, motion pancake and receiver, so you can build a single axis motion rig. Learn more...

The axiiio nano FIZ Kit

The axiiio nano FIZ Kit contains 3 nano motors, and a receiver; all the components for a fully featured Focus, Iris and Zoom lens controller. Learn more...

Earlybird Rewards

Get ready! We expect these earlybird rewards to disappear quickly.

Earlybird Reward #1: Starter Kit Reward

The first 20 backers to pledge the axiiio nano Starter Kit on Kickstarter will receive a free L bracket that can be used to make a range of different rigs for motion control.

Earlybird Reward #2: FIZ Kit Reward

The first 20 backers who pledge for the axiiio nano FIZ Kit will receive a free motion pancake , with a choice of either belt or capstan drive.

Learn more about the earlybird rewards...

Stretch goals

Stretch Goal #1: Keyhole Pancake Clamp

This super low-profile clamp provides a quick-release mounting option for our nano motion pancakes, for mounting onto any surface you decide to attach it to!

Stretch Goal #2: axiiio nano slider

Yes, that's right, we're offering our first custom slider for use with the axiiio nano motion system!

Learn more about our stretch goals...

Want More Info?

Hungry for all the nitty-gritty details? Our site has everything you need.

What makes the axiiio nano system so unique?

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What can you do with the axiiio nano system?

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What are the technical details and specifications?

A Complete Overview

Here's a complete tour of the axiiio nano camera motion control system, the components, how it works, its design goals, and everything you can do with it.

Newsletter Giveaway

And, of course, all newsletter subscribers, who have subscribed before the launch date, go into the running to win 1 of 2 free pre-production axiiio nano kits! If you know anyone who'd like a free kit, let them know so they can subscribe before the campaign launch.


Please Share

If you're excited to see what axiiio can do, please share a link to our site , to anyone you think would be interested.  It's a long road to bringing a product like this to market and we appreciate all the help we can get. The more interest we can generate early, the more chance our Kickstarter campaign has for success.


That's all for this one. See you next week, and remember your motion control system should be flexible enough to do all the things that you can imagine.