axiiio nano motion pancake

Defining flexible motion

Designed for flexibility

The axiiio nano pancake does more.

nano pancake info-graphic

Belt drive version

The belt drive version of the nano motion pancake is highly accurate and a great option for sliders. It can even support loads traveling vertically. We'll be providing 3D models of attachment brackets for popular 3rd party sliders, that you can print if you have a 3D printer. If you are building your own rig you'll need to make sure the belt aligns correctly to the pancake for accurate linear motion. We'll be publishing guidelines for DIY rigs in the coming months.

Capstan drive version

The capstan drive version of the motion pancake uses a rope wound round a specially designed miniature capstan to provide horizontal linear motion. Because it uses a simple cord, it's very easy to use on your custom built rigs. It has the added advantage that, unlike the belt drive version, the capstan drive motion pancake can operate without precise alignment, albeit with a slight reduction in accuracy.

Multiple rigs

The axiiio nano motion pancake uses our unique toolless slide-lock system to attach a motor. Attaching and detaching literally takes seconds. This provides a special kind of flexibility, and allows you to move motors between rigs as you need to. You can build multiple types of rigs using our pancakes but you'll only need one set of motors to use them!

Combine to create

There's no easier way to build motion rigs from standard camera rig components than with the axiiio nano system. We've used standard mounting hardware for our pancakes to make this a reality. You probably already have hardware in your kitbag that you can use with the axiiio nano system, reducing your initial setup cost, as well as the learning curve.

Unlocking the possibilities

We think that making films should be about creating possibilities with your equipment; not letting your equipment dictate the shots you can achieve. That's why we created the axiiio nano motion pancake.

It is a simple component that lets filmmakers use the axiiio nano motor for all axes of motion, including lens control, for their cameras. With it you can build rigs of up to 4 axes in any combination you like.

We've worked very hard to make our motion pancakes tough and durable, but small and lightweight at the same time. We have made it toolless so that attaching a motor takes seconds, saving precious production time. The motion pancake, with it's range of options, gives you the tool to achieve the shot you imagine.



425 g, 15 oz

Pancake Mounting

1/4-20 and 3/8-16 holes + axiiio keyhole mounting system.

Camera Mounting

Quick release camera mounting supplied with one QR plate.

Housing materials

Aircraft grade aluminium.

Max Load

10 kg, 22 lb.

Rotation Speed

480°/sec (with large gear) 213°/sec (with small gear).

Linear Speed

200 mm/sec, 0.65 ft/sec (with large gear)

Rotation Accuracy

0.00625° (small gear)

Linear Accuracy

(Belt Drive small gear) 0.0023mm / pulse 0.00009 inches / pulse

Dimensions (LxWxH)

110mm x 110mm x 58mm  (4.3in x 4.3in x 2.3in)

Rig options with the nano pancake

Expand motion possibilities within the axiiio nano system

You can use axiiio nano motion pancakes for a wide variety of shots, across multiple disciplines, just by adding hardware, some of which you probably already own! Adding motion pancakes and attaching motors, is a convenient way to add motion control to your existing equipment, as well as a wide variety of 3rd party equipment.

Roll axis

Make interesting effects a reality with just a motor, pancake and receiver from the axiiio nano ecosystem. Add an L-bracket and a huge range of possibilities opens up for you.

Single lens control

One motor and the receiver are all you need to pull focus. As a remote follow focus solution, its flexibility is unrivalled, because the motion is programmable using our ProMoCo software.

Pan axis

This shot was achieved with a very simple rig. An axiiio nano motor, pancake and receiver is all that is required to do complex composite shots that include camera motion. You can even use your existing tripod!

Tilt control

Axiiio nano motors are powerful enough to move camera payloads very fast. Up to 420° per second fast. That kind of speed, combined with a nano pancake ,makes this type of slow motion shot a reality. Frame accurate motion control means you can do composite shots at different speeds from the sped up motion of a timelapse to slow motion like these strawberries.

Product photography

The axiiio nano system is flexible enough to automate photographic tasks. A single motion pancake and motor combined with a turntable can automate product photography for catalogue shoots.

Automate sliders

By using one of the two linear motion pancakes (belt or capstan drive), a receiver, and a motor, you can automate the slider that you already have.

Automating focus

Our ProMoCo software enables you to automate many tasks in filmmaking and photography, including focus pulls. In this example were pulling focus between four distances using cues. The tip of the gun, the Lego man’s face, focus target one and focus target two. You can tweak many parameters in ProMoCo to make the focus pull fit the shot.

ProMoCo software that makes it easy

ProMoCo is a fully featured motion control package that has been designed to run on phones and tablets. Available on iOS and Android.


Create a rig

If you want to build your own rigs using the axiiio nano system, our ProMoCo software makes that very simple. You can build a control set for up to 4 axes with your choice of software controllers. If you have a tilt/pan axis in mind you can use a joystick controller. If it's a focus axis you want, you can use our super responsive lens controller. Mix and match them in any combination to create a customised set of controls for your rig.


Use a preset

If you just want to avoid the hassle of setting up your own controllers, ProMoCo has you covered. All of our kits have presets that can be configured by scanning a QR code. We'll be providing a library of lens marks for many popular lenses, that can also be loaded as presets for focus pulling and general lens duties.


Infinitely adjustable

Unlike any other motion control system, ProMoCo software controllers are infinitely tweakable with a number of parameters that you can set to make them responsive to your control style. You can even create left-handed or right-handed controller sets!


More programming options

Controlling camera motion has never been simpler with ProMoCo. Set up start and end marks for the axes you want to control and hit run. You can tweak the program and change its type (time-lapse, stop motion, video motion) while retaining the same clip length, making composite effects very easy.