imagine - create - control

The world's first camera multi-function motion control system

a revolution in motion


imagine - create - control

all from your phone or tablet

Using just 3 basic components, axiiio enables more creative possibilities than any other motion system for film makers and photographers.

The starter kit contains everything you need to turn your smartphone or tablet into a complete remote solution for controlling your camera settings AND up to 6 axis of motion control.

Plug our nano receiver into your camera to control shutter speed, white balance, ISO and more without touching your setup and moving the framed shot.

Connect axiiio digital nano motors to the receiver to create a fully functional FIZ lens control system.

Slide lock the same nano motor into our motion pancake to provide motion to your shots - tilt, pan, slide and more.

axiiio even talks to your gyro-stabilisation system, allowing control of the tilt and pan axis as well as focus, iris and zoom of your lenses remotely.

Open source your controllers and share them with the community on axiiioHUB.

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The axiiio system of components for film-makers and photographers can set your imagination free...



Using a few simple building blocks, the axiiio system lets you build the rig you need to get the shot in minutes.



Only axiiio's ProMoCo software lets you create a customised control solution for each of your rigs, which can be recalled with one touch from your smartphone or tablet.



3 components

one system

For ultimate flexibility, we split axiiio up into 3 basic components, the nano receiver, the nano motor and, the motion pancake.


nano motor & nano receiver

the core

Small - Light - Powerful

nano receiver

It's hard to believe that a digital motion system as comprehensive as axiiio's can fit into such a tiny package.

The axiiio nano receiver weighs just 125grams (4.5oz) and easily fits in the palm of your hand. It can live on your cameras hot shoe or 15/19mm rail system, but has more outputs and features than any other wireless controller. All this in a professional aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fiber package using industry standard high quality metal connectors.

USB camera control - 6 axis motion - wired controller options - camera triggering - wired serial devices and many more options planned.

digital nano motors

axiiio nano motors are different. From their super high torque output, to the carbon fiber case and one clamp system, these motors perform more tasks than any other.

Just like the nano receiver axiiio nano motors have been designed to be as small and lightweight as possible, without compromising their multi-tasking abilities.

You can change from a lens control motor to a motion control motor in just seconds, using the one clamp system.

Able to easily fit in the palm of your hand and just 200 grams (7oz) with the one rail clamp, axiiio nano motors can be used with both 15 and 19 mm standard cinema rails.

These motors have a very low power consumption thanks to axiiio's incredible closed loop digital control technology and power saving features, meaning you can run the system on batteries for longer.

motion pancake

The motion pancake enables you to move your camera through time and space. It uses the same motors you use for remote follow focus duties so you always have the right type of motor available for either scenario. By simply changing the main gear on the nano motor, you have access to a wide range of speeds and torques.

Capable of up to 480 degrees / second with the largest main gear down to 215 degrees / second rotation with a 5kg load (11 pounds), the axiiio system is capable of high speed moves for slow motion shooting.

The same nano pancake setup can move in increments as small as 0.025 degrees. This makes it perfect for time lapse and stop motion photography.

axiiio's motion pancake comes standard with a rope capstan and pulley system, enabling it to be used as a linear slider motor, that can be attached to just about any slider. A toothed option is also available to provide super accurate linear motion.

When combined with the intuitive PROMOCO app, the motion pancake becomes the most versatile motion component for filmmakers and photographers in the world.

ProMoCo - software that pulls it all together

axiiio is controlled by your smartphone or tablet, giving you more flexibility to create the motion rigs you want, the way you want them.

Using an intuitive interface ProMoCo software lets you create customisable motion controllers for any photographic or film automation task you can think of. Or you can use the ProMoCo wizards to do it for you. Once created, you can save that configuration for use again and again.

Lens data can be entered directly into the app, allowing you to put all of your lens marks in a database for use either as a follow focus system, or as a key framed controller for focus iris and zoom. We will be providing a portal for registered users to download common lenses as we add them, or share lens data with the axiiio community of ones they have created on axiiio-hub.

ProMoCo can also control selected cameras directly via their USB port. You can save your favourite camera presets and apply them to different shooting setups without touching the rig.

Need a dolly slider rig that can pull focus manually - no problem - you can create one in minutes using ProMoCo and recall it over and over again.

Need to create a simple timelapse with your slider rig - no problem - ProMoCo has a range of simple, multiple axis, two key frame programs that cover a huge range of creative possibilities.

Intuitive, powerful, and in your pocket right now.