Slider Rigs

Automate sliders with axiiio nano components.

FIZ Rigs

Create fully featured, programmable Focus, Iris and Zoom lens controllers.


Using our mobile app, create programs and cues for any rig type you create.


Using standard photographic components you can create the right rig for the job.

Pre-Built Kits

We have a range of carbon fibre, pre-build kits - for the ultimate in lightweight rigs.

Ultimate Control

For the ultimate system, you can get the kitchen sink - everything you need for camera automation.

We've spent the last six years designing, engineering and building prototypes leading to this, our launch of the axiiio nano system on kick starter.

We need your help to turn our production prototypes into film-making tools that can help you make stunning imagery.

At its heart the axiiio nano system is a set of components which allow filmmakers and photographers to build, configure and utilise motion control rigs to inspire inventiveness, and achieve their creative vision in ways limited only by imagination.

We've spent those six years building prototypes, tweaking the design, and field testing our rigs in production film projects to ensure the system works. Alongside this we've developed all of the tooling required to make the major components of the system.

It's been exciting, challenging and frustrating in equal measure. There were many times we thought about throwing in the towel on this project, but were glad we didn't because now we get to share it with you!

Kickstarter Pre-Launch Videos