axiiio nano FIZ Kit

Everything you need to start using the world's most flexible camera motion control system as a fully featured Focus, Iris and Zoom lens controller – and now even more!


Lens control from one system

With the FIZ kit you can pull focus, adjust zoom and iris on the fly, or automate lens control using sophisticated programming or simple cues.

App based FIZ control that works. Create controllers that suit your workflow, then tweak them to work the way you want.


Single lens ring

The axiiio nano FIZ kit can be used with just a single lens ring if that's your preference. This leaves the other two motors in the kit free to perform other motion control tasks with the appropriate axiiio nano hardware.


Dual lens ring

The most common control set up we use is dual lens ring where two axiiio nano motors are connected to focus and zoom lens rings. One motor is free in this configuration to perform other motion control tasks.


Triple lens ring

When you need full control over all the parameters of a lens, the axiiio nano FIZ kit allows you to control Focus, Iris and Zoom simultaneously.


Stabiliser Ready

The axiiio nano system has outputs to control the pitch and yaw of third-party stabilisers. This means that a second operator can control a stabilisers direction and pull focus from the ProMoCo app. We'll be publishing a list of supported stabilisers in the coming months.

Total lens control with one system

Take control of your all your lens motion with the axiiio nano FIZ kit

Keep focused

Pulling focus manually is an art form which relies on the practitioner's experience and the equipment feel. We have worked very hard to make a remote, app-based focusing system that focus pullers can use confidently. Because it’s part of a programmable motion control system, it can do so much more than standard remote follow focus systems.

Control with ProMoCo

ProMoCo opens a world of possibilities for the axiiio nano FIZ kit. You can pull focus, automate control of the lens entirely, or keep parts of the lens under manual control while other parts are automated.

Cinema lens effects

Combining a fully featured motion control system with a FIZ unit gives you complete control over lens functions for cinematic effects. By adding one motion pancake to the nano FIZ kit, we created these classic Hitchcock style cinematic Dolly zooms.

Combined  lens control

By combining different elements of control through our ProMoCo software you can create video motion, timelapse and stop motion animation effects which are frame accurate with each other simply and easily.

One system – expandable

Add motors and pancakes to expand a single axis into 4.

Create your own rigs

If you want to create your own rigs, the axiiio nano system is flexible enough for you to build anything you can imagine. The axiiio nano motors can control rotational or linear motion, including lens control, so you can build any rig to suit your needs.

Flexibility is standard

Engineered for tool-less assembly and extremely simple and fast to set up, the heart of the axiiio nano system is the motor and pancake. Convert a lens ring motor to linear or rotational control in seconds. One motor—one system.

ProMoCo software that makes it easy

ProMoCo is a fully featured motion control package that has been designed to run on phones and tablets. Available on iOS and Android.


Create a rig

If you want to build your own rigs using the axiiio nano system, our ProMoCo software makes that very simple. You can build a control set for up to 4 axes with your choice of software controllers. If you have a tilt/pan axis in mind you can use a joystick controller. If it's a focus axis you want, you can use our super responsive lens controller. Mix and match them in any combination to create a customised set of controls for your rig.


Use a preset

If you just want to avoid the hassle of setting up your own controllers, ProMoCo has you covered. All of our kits have presets that can be configured by scanning a QR code. We'll be providing a library of lens marks for many popular lenses, that can also be loaded as presets for focus pulling and general lens duties.


Infinitely adjustable

Unlike any other motion control system, ProMoCo software controllers are infinitely tweakable with a number of parameters that you can set to make them responsive to your control style. You can even create left-handed or right-handed controller sets!


More programming options

Controlling camera motion has never been simpler with ProMoCo. Set up start and end marks for the axes you want to control and hit run. You can tweak the program and change its type (time-lapse, stop motion, video motion) while retaining the same clip length, making composite effects very easy.