10 things you need to know about axiiio

The axiiio nano camera motion system is unlike any other.

If you're into filmmaking or photography prepare to be amazed.

We're starting to get a lot of questions about the axiiio nano system; what it can do, how it works, what it's limits are. So this newsletter is dedicated to pointing out all the reasons axiiio is unlike the other motion kits out there.

1. It's An Expandable System

The axiiio nano system is just that, a system. It uses three basic components, a receiver, a motor, and a pancake, which allow you to build camera motion control rigs. Your axiiio system can grow with you, it's not all or nothing. Start with one motor and grow from there.

2. One Motor

axiiio nano motor

Our axiiio nano motor can do it all; lens control, rotational and linear motion. It's precise enough for focus control, small and light enough to be unobtrusive on a gyrostabilised camera platform, but can also, when attached to a motion pancake, generate enough torque to provide fast, accurate movement to cameras mounted on motion rigs. Read More

3. One Pancake


The axiiio nano motion pancake allows you to attach a nano motor for any kind of rotational or linear motion. Tilt, pan, roll, slider, flying fox, rolling camera rig; the pancake expands the capabilities of the nano motor way beyond any other system. Read More

4. One Receiver


The axiiio nano receiver contains more control options than any other camera motion control system. Able to drive motors on up to 4 axes, with extra ports for connections to cameras, hardware controllers, gyrostabilisers and more. It's housed in a tiny package that's designed to be as lightweight and unobtrusive as possible. Read More

5. Use Your Existing Equipment


axiiio components can be easily added to your existing camera equipment through standard mounts and adapters. axiiio makes it easy to incorporate motion control into your DIY camera rigs. Let your imagination go wild.

6. Flexible and Adaptable


axiiio is adaptable to your shooting schedule; use it as a remote follow-focus in the morning, then program motion on a tilt/pan rig in the afternoon. You can detach a motor from one rig, and slide-lock it onto another within seconds.

You can fine tune axiiio to suit your shot, adjust parameters like framerate, timing, triggers, velocity, and ramping so the camera motion is perfect. Use it for controlled motion shots, stop motion, slow motion timelapses, and high speed filming.

7. Accuracy


The axiiio nano motors use a very high accuracy encoder to ensure extreme accuracy when focusing, and frame repeatability on motion shots. axiiio is like an extra operator who can repeat exactly the same shot on demand.  All you need to do is tap the play button.

8. High Torque–High Speed


Axiiio nano motors are powerful enough to move camera payloads very fast: up to 420° rotation per second fast. Attached to a motion pancake, the motor can move rigs up to 10kg, even vertically.

9. Light and Tough


axiiio is not a toy. All axiiio components are light and tough. Carbon fibre and aircraft grade aluminum have been used extensively in their construction. All cables all have metal, snap-lock connectors.

10. Built for Work


The system's design has the rigours of the film set built in.

  • Rapid setup and calibration: Scan a QR code, connect and calibrate within minutes.
  • Single Power Source: The receiver powers up to 4 motors. It can work on a wide variety of voltages making it ideal for single source power distribution and with the addition of a power hub you can power everything from one source. This means you can power the whole rig and camera from a single V-mount battery.
  • Cable Management: The motion pancake is designed for cables to pass safely through the centre of the axis.

11. No Pro Price

Bonus! Even after all the above, with axiiio you get professional quality cinema motion control without the pro price.

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That all for this one. See you next week, and Keep those questions coming.