On The Road to Kickstarter!

More details about axiiio core components, Kickstarter stretch goal news & Secret Project: X

Continuing our exploration of all the core components of the axiiio nano system, the final two hardware components are the motion pancake, and nano receiver.

The axiiio nano Motion Pancake

The motion pancake is the deceptively simple device that allows you to use the nano motor for rotational and linear motion control; it multiplies your motion possibilities. It allows you to repurpose your motors for multiple rigs, and is designed to attach to equipment you may already own directly or via an adaptor.

See the motion pancake component page for details.

The axiiio nano Receiver

The receiver is the brain of the system. It provides the wireless connection for the ProMoCo app, as well as multiple hardware IO connections for motors and peripherals. It's small, light, and so unobtrusive you can mount it on your camera's hot shoe.

See the nano receiver component page for details.

Stretch Goals!

Did we say we'd be announcing a special stretch goal this week? Oops. We'll have to delay the reveal, but for a good reason: There'll be two stretch goals! Stay tuned ...

In the meantime, here's a clue to one of them:


What is Secret Project: X?

It's coming, but this is all we can show for now:


Please Share

If you're excited to see what axiiio can do, please share to anyone you think would be interested.  It's a long road to bringing a product like this to market and we appreciate all the help we can get. The more interest we can generate early, the more chance our Kickstarter campaign has for success.

And, of course, all subscribers go into the running to win 1 of 2 free pre-production axiiio nano kits!


That all for this one. See you next week, and remember if you can't find the right equipment to do a job, DIY!


axiiio nano Motion Pancake


axiiio nano Receiver