axiiio nano Kitchen Sink  Kit

Ultimate cinematic control with the world's most flexible 4-axis camera motion control kit.

Get all the axiiio nano components in one incredible kit

Includes the axiiio nano Pan Tilt Head

Our pan tilt head is ready to go straight out of the box, just slide lock in the nano motors, attach the receiver and plug it in using the pre-installed wiring harness.


Realise your cinematic dreams

Create motion programs incorporating 4 simultaneous axes of motion

Includes the axiiio nano Slider

You can attach the pan tilt head to the slider, or use the Keyhole Quick-Release clamping system to attach our low profile ball head.


The complete system in one kit!

The axiiio Nano kitchen sink kit contains a complete slide-pan- tilt system with an extra motor for lens control making it a ready to go 4 axis system. The kit also includes all of the equipment necessary to start creating your own rigs using our nNano motion pancakes! You can build out a fully functional FIZ system or purchase additional pancakes and build a model robot for practical effects.

What's Included

nano  Receiver

x 1

The brain of the system. More info here...

nano Motors

x 4

Our custom designed servo motors. More info here...

nano Pan Tilt Head

x 1

Pan Tilt head ready to go with everything installed. Just add motors and the receiver to get started. Includes a 15mm rod for lens control. Has the optional distribution box option preinstalled.

nano Slider

x 1

Our lightweight robust slider pre installed with everything you need to use it as either a standalone robotic dolly, or with the nano tilt pan head.

nano Pancake

x 1

An extra rotation axis for experimentation. More info here...

Power Supply

x 1

16.8V DC @ 7.0A. Enough juice to power everything. You can also power the system from a V-Lock or Anton Bauer battery.

Hot-Shoe Adapter

x 1

Enables mounting of the nano receiver onto the hot-shoe of your camera or cage.

Rod Clamps

x 4

For mounting the receiver or nano motors to 15mm rods.

Multi IO Trigger

x 1

A Spare multi IO trigger output lead for triggering your camera. Used with the trigger lead below.

Trigger Lead

x 1

Your choice of supported camera trigger lead

Programming Lead

x 1

Programming lead for receiver firmware updates and external PC control.

Power Lead

x 1

A spare power lead for your own rigs.

Motor Lead

x 1

A spare motor lead for your own rigs.

Single axis flexibility with the complete system

Want to keep your kitbag light? Take just a single axis with you!

Single axis  effects

This shot was performed with only one motor, pancake and receiver. Two passes were performed, the first as a timelapse and the second as a standard motion take. The two were comped together to create this shot.

Product photography

Automating product photography is simple. You can set up a shoot using a turntable to take multiple photos from many different angles. Tether your camera to your favourite picture capture software for a fully automated solution.

Focus pulls

Precise focusing is easy and repeatable. From the tip of the Lego man's gun to his face small precise moves keeping razor sharp focus is possible. You can use our incredibly intuitive screen controller for pulling focus manually or set cues for one touch focus.

Create your own rigs

The flexibility of the axiiio nano system gives you the ability to automate many different types of equipment. Sliders, focus stacking rigs, flying foxes and many other types of rig can be created with some imagination and the equipment you already own. We'll be exploring some of these options on the axiiio lab channel in our Haxiiio playlist.

Focus, Iris and Zoom lens control

The kitchen sink kit can be quickly re-configured to provide full FIZ functionality!


Single lens ring

The axiiio nano Kitchen sink kit can be used with just a single lens ring if that's your preference. This leaves the other two motors in the kit free to perform other motion control tasks with the appropriate axiiio nano hardware.


Dual lens ring

The most common control set up we use is dual lens ring where two axiiio nano motors are connected to focus and zoom lens rings. One motor is free in this configuration to perform other motion control tasks.


Triple lens ring

When you need full control over all the parameters of a lens, the axiiio nano Kitchen Sink kit allows you to control Focus, Iris and Zoom simultaneously.


Stabiliser Ready

The axiiio nano system has outputs to control the pitch and yaw of third-party stabilisers. This means that a second operator can control a stabilisers direction and pull focus from the ProMoCo app. We'll be publishing a list of supported stabilisers in the coming months.

Control with ProMoCo

ProMoCo opens a world of possibilities for the axiiio nano Kitchen Sink kit. You can pull focus, automate control of the lens entirely, or keep parts of the lens under manual control while other parts are automated. Save and store lenses and recall them at the touch of a button.

Combined  lens control

By combining different elements of control through our ProMoCo software you can create video motion, timelapse and stop motion animation effects which are frame accurate with each other simply and easily.

Cinema lens effects

Combining a fully featured motion control system with a FIZ unit gives you complete control over lens functions for cinematic effects. By adding one motion pancake to the nano FIZ kit, we created these classic Hitchcock style cinematic Dolly zooms.

Flexible, re-configurable motion

Use the same drive component for all axiiio nano tasks. 

Lens Control

If you want to use the supplied motors for lens control, just attach one of the supplied rod clamps and you’re good to go.

Motion Control

The same motors can be used for motion control by simply slide locking them on to a motion pancake, or one of our motion kits.

ProMoCo software that makes it easy

ProMoCo is a fully featured motion control package that has been designed to run on phones and tablets. Available on iOS and Android.


Create a rig

If you want to build your own rigs using the axiiio nano system, our ProMoCo software makes that very simple. You can build a control set for up to 4 axes with your choice of software controllers. If you have a tilt/pan axis in mind you can use a joystick controller. If it's a focus axis you want, you can use our super responsive lens controller. Mix and match them in any combination to create a customised set of controls for your rig.


Use a preset

If you just want to avoid the hassle of setting up your own controllers, ProMoCo has you covered. All of our kits have presets that can be configured by scanning a QR code. We'll be providing a library of lens marks for many popular lenses, that can also be loaded as presets for focus pulling and general lens duties.


Infinitely adjustable

Unlike any other motion control system, ProMoCo software controllers are infinitely tweakable with a number of parameters that you can set to make them responsive to your control style. You can even create left-handed or right-handed controller sets!


More programming options

Controlling camera motion has never been simpler with ProMoCo. Set up start and end marks for the axes you want to control and hit run. You can tweak the program and change its type (time-lapse, stop motion, video motion) while retaining the same clip length, making composite effects very easy.