All About axiiio ProMoCo

The axiiio ProMoCo app is the control centre that unlocks the potential of the axiiio nano system.

Hello again,

Only one week to go until our Kickstarter launch on November 10. The axiiio Lab is all go; a flurry of mad activity as we get everything ready. To use an Australian idiom, we're flat out like a lizard drinking!

In this edition of the axiiio newsletter we're focusing on ProMoCo, the app through which you drive the axiiio nano system and unlock all of its potential. We've made a series of videos to demonstrate all the app's features, from the first connection to making motion programs and everything in between.

Let's dive right in.

Setting Up a New Rig

This short clip shows you how easy and fast it is to set up and configure a rig.

Tweaking Your Controls

One of the great features of the ProMoCo app is the ability to tweak the screen controllers to your liking. This short clip shows you how that works.

Adding and Tweaking Cues

Cues are simple and quick way to move the camera to a predetermined spot. In this brief video we show you how cues work in ProMoCo.

Creating a Motion Program

In this short video we create a program using the ProMoCo app, tweak it to our liking and then run it.

Kickstarter Launches November 10

Get ready! It's only one week away. If you'd like a recap or are new to the newsletter, check out this edition of the newsletter that covered what to expect from the campaign , including our stretch goals.

Newsletter Giveaway

And, of course, all newsletter subscribers, who have subscribed before the launch date, go into the running to win 1 of 2 free pre-production axiiio nano kits! If you know anyone who'd like a free kit, let them know so they can subscribe before the campaign launch.


Please Share

If you're excited to see what axiiio can do, please share a link to our site , to anyone you think would be interested.  It's a long road to bringing a product like this to market and we appreciate all the help we can get. The more interest we can generate early, the more chance our Kickstarter campaign has for success.


That's all for this one. See you next week, if we survive our hectic launch schedule!