Welcome to the axiiio Newsletter

We're close to launching our first Kickstarter campaign!

Shooting a motion timelapse of the sunset with axiiio

Welcome to the first edition of the axiiio newsletter. We can now reveal that the finishing touches on the axiiio nano system and software are almost complete and we're close to launching our first Kickstarter campaign.

Please Share

If you're excited to see what axiiio can do, please share a link to our site (https://axiiio.com), to anyone you think would be interested. It's a long road to bringing a product like this to market and we appreciate all the help we can get. The more interest we can generate early, the more chance our Kickstarter campaign has for success.

Kickstarter Details

Signing up to our newsletter is the best way to find out all the latest news about axiiio and our Kickstarter campaign. As subscribers, you'll get all the details—launch dates, pricing and access to special offers—before anyone else.

We're eager to share everything but we'll have to hold back for now. What we can tell you is that we'll offer 2 types of kits on Kickstarter, and the details will be revealed over the next couple of weeks.

Kickstarter Giveaway

We're giving away 2 axiiio kits! If our Kickstarter campaign is a success, 2 lucky subscribers to our newsletter will win a free pre-production axiiio kit. So signup for the newsletter, and be in the running.

ProMoCo App

Our ProMoCo app software is almost ready to roll, but we'll have to save the details for a future update.

Surveillance image of Secret Project: X

Secret Project: X

We've also got a special secret demonstration project in development, Secret Project X. We're keeping this one close to the chest until we're sure it'll blow everyone away.

Unfortunately, spies have infiltrated our testing grounds and have managed to take and publish the following surveillance image.

Stay on high alert for further news on this one...


That wraps up all the news we can reveal right now. Make sure you signup for the newsletter. Hope to bring you more exciting news next week.