Roll axis

Make interesting effects a reality with just a motor, pancake and receiver from the axiiio nano ecosystem. Add an L-bracket and a huge range of possibilities opens up for you.

Single lens control

One motor and the receiver are all you need to pull focus. As a remote follow focus solution, its flexibility is unrivalled, because the motion is programmable using our ProMoCo software.

Pan axis

This shot was achieved with a very simple rig. An axiiio nano motor, pancake and receiver is all that is required to do complex composite shots that include camera motion. You can even use your existing tripod!

Tilt control

Axiiio nano motors are powerful enough to move camera payloads very fast. Up to 420° per second fast. That kind of speed, combined with a nano pancake ,makes this type of slow motion shot a reality. Frame accurate motion control means you can do composite shots at different speeds from the sped up motion of a timelapse to slow motion like these strawberries.

Product photography

The axiiio nano system is flexible enough to automate photographic tasks. A single motion pancake and motor combined with a turntable can automate product photography for catalogue shoots.

Automate sliders

By using one of the two linear motion pancakes (belt or capstan drive), a receiver, and a motor, you can automate the slider that you already have.

Automating focus

Our ProMoCo software enables you to automate many tasks in filmmaking and photography, including focus pulls. In this example were pulling focus between four distances using cues. The tip of the gun, the Lego man’s face, focus target one and focus target two. You can tweak many parameters in ProMoCo to make the focus pull fit the shot.