Intelligent axiiio?

axiiio Kitchen Sink kit with the vision system prototype

Hi camera nerds!


The axiiio Kitchen Sink kit with the vision system prototype.

What is that circuit board on top of the axiiio Kitchen Sink kit I hear you ask? Wait! Does it have three cameras? Why has it got three cameras?

Well…This is the first stage in making the axiiio nano system more intelligent. Sitting atop the pan-tilt head is a stereoscopic AI vision system that we'll use to track objects in the frame. This is going to give the axiiio nano system the ability to move and focus automatically on objects you select in the frame. It can track multiple objects, so you can tag all talent in the frame and just switch between them by tapping them on the screen.

And that's just the beginning.

This little module will enhance workflows with a range of features and abilities, in scenarios from visual effects production through to game development.

Watch this space!

Of course, we have to finish development on it first, so it won't be available on the Indiegogo campaign (unless we reach a crazy funding goal!) We plan to make it an accessory that works with the nano system, so that you'll be able to purchase it separately and just integrate it with the system you already have!


That's all for this one. Stay creative and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions, want more details, want to discuss your motion projects, or anything. Just email

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