Review Units Coming Soon!

Check out these sweet review units!

Hi camera nerds!

As you already know, we've been working hard on producing some pre-production prototypes of the Kitchen Sink kit to send out to reviewers for testing. Going through this process has revealed a whole range of things that we're glad we've discovered now! It's also enabled us to manufacture many of the components that will be used in the actual release version and see some of the issues first hand with an actual production run. It also means we now the proud owners of box-loads of leads, circuit boards, carbon fiber parts, pancake hardware, and much more.


Check out these sweet review units! They are so close to being ready to be sent out!

All that work is paying off because now we have several sets of pre-production units for testing. We have about 90% of the components for the Kitchen Sink Kit actually produced, or they have had a manufacturability cycle which basically tests if we can make them in quantity. This is a very important step because we don't want to have any nasty surprises when it comes to delivering units to you! The last 10% is mostly stuff we have experience making already, so we know we can make it in quantity.

You may notice in the photo that there are some unfinished metal parts on the units (raw aluminium). These are the parts that we haven't yet mass produced, but we have manufactured in small quantities to test their manufacturability.

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