Ultimate Precision

Our new encoders are extremely precise!

Hi, axiiio fans!

So a few weeks back we wrote about a new encoder design that we had been working on for the axiiio nano motors. Well, we've built some now and send them out into the field for real-world testing and the results look very promising so far!


A new motor encoder assembly ready to go into a housing.

There is another fairly significant advantage that we didn't talk about with these new encoders which is accuracy.

On our tilt pan head the resolution is now 0.00625° which equates to 2.25 seconds of arc! That's crazy precision and it should enable the system to do some very special things.

On another note, our small run of casings for these motors is well underway with the first run of these components just about ready to go. We had to manufacture a two-piece silicon insert which sits inside the case while it's cooking. This ensures that the carbon fibre is compressed enough to reach its ultimate tensile strength, which is very important for long-term durability of the nano motors.


Motor case moulds with a silicon insert.

As you can see from these photos we finished the mould prep and are ready to go with the first run of four cases.

And finally…

We are inching closer and closer to our Indiegogo launch, but we could really use your help. If you haven't already, like and share our posts from our Facebook page, YouTube channel and Instagram account so we can spread the word about the axiiio nano system!


That's all for this one. Stay creative and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions, want more details, want to discuss your motion projects, or anything. Just email equiries@axiiio.com.

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