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More than you ever thought you'd want to know about carbon fibre mould repair!

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Carbon Fibre Mould Repair

Had a tricky problem with the carbon fibre moulds for the brackets that make up our tilt/pan head. Here's a rendering of the tilt/pan head where the L-brackets can be seen clearly (the camera's attached to one of them):


Making them from carbon fibre means they're super-light weight yet strong.

The manufacturer found that de-moulding the brackets was difficult and that lead to some surface damage to the brackets. So a solution was needed.

We've added a change to the mould so that the edge at one end of the bracket is angled at 45° instead of at 90°. This should make it easier to de-mould the bracket. Here's the CNC machine model, followed by the machined repair part:



Next problem is how to attach it securely to the mould while maintaining the seal. I'll try gluing and pinning first. Cross-fingers, I'll keep you posted!


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