Deliveries, QA testing and component building

We got some deliveries!

Another quick update to what's going on in the axiiio lab.

The most exciting development is that they've arrived! The clamps and Motion Pancake components have arrived and we're running QA testing on them.


Motor leads and Carbon fibre

Surprise, surprise, on the day we wrote this newsletter, our new leads turned up!. This is where some of that 1km of cable went. Our leads have industry standard, metal, self-latching, push-pull connectors.



The moulds for our carbon fibre components are ready to go and we should have a new batch soon.


Here's a lovely line of assembled receivers. There's a lot of smarts in this tiny package; WiFi, an ARM M4 32bit 100MHz processor for motor control, a 160MHz 32bit RISC processor for radio communications, an ARM M0 48MHz 32bit processor for ancillary functions, and heaps of IO. These receivers are destined for our review units.



That's all for this one. Stay safe and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions, want more details, want to discuss your motion projects, or anything. Just send us an email.

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