We now own a lot of cable!

Lots of progress happening on the manufacturing front

Well, lots happening on the manufacturing front this week.

Motion Pancakes, clamps and brackets

Firstly we have a small shipment of mechanical components which will be here any day. This is part of a larger batch which will give us the ability to supply Kickstarter backers faster. When we receive these parts we will need to check them and make sure that they are within tolerance for the axiiio nano system. If they aren't, this information will be passed along to our manufacturer so they can implement changes.

Here are some more photos they sent us:


Motor leads

Secondly we have a batch of motor leads which will also be arriving soon. These bespoke leads require a special cable made for them. We are now the proud owners of 1 km (about a thousand yards) of proprietary micro servo cable! This should be enough for our projected future needs. These leads will also need to be tested.

Carbon fibre

Thirdly we need to manufacture a small run of the carbon fibre components used in the system. These are made locally and we will be starting the process very soon. Before we begin making these parts, a couple of our moulds need to be modified and this is happening right now.

Review rigs

We're organising a small number of axiiio rigs to be sent out to reviewers, so that you can see axiiio put through its paces by an objective professional in a real-world usage context. Stay tuned, there'll be more about this in the near future.


That's all for this one. Stay safe and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions, want more details, want to discuss your motion projects, or anything. Just send us an email.

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