axiiio First Ever Live Stream This Weekend

Hey anyone want to ask these two jokers a question?

There's been lots of questions and ideas about ways to use the system in various projects, and we think that a live stream is a good place to answer those questions, and show you what else we've been working on. This is your chance to ask us anything!


On our YouTube channel:

When is it Live?

Depending on your timezone, it's this Saturday or Sunday:

  • US Pacific Time (GMT -8): 5 PM, Saturday 5th December
  • US Eastern Time (GMT -5): 8 PM, Saturday 5th December
  • GMT: 1 AM , Sunday 6th December
  • Australia Western (GMT +8): 9 AM, Sunday 6th December
  • Australia Eastern (GMT +11): 12 PM (Lunchtime),  Sunday 6th December

What will we show you?

We've had lots of great questions from people in and outside of the Kickstarter community who are excited about the axiiio system. But there seems to be a bit of confusion about who it's for, what it's for and how best to use it. So we'd like to invite you to take part in a live stream event where you can ask questions about the axiiio nano system, and see us using it to answer those questions directly.

To show you all of this, we'll be running a complete tilt, pan, slide and focus system, along with the individual components that we can show you as well. We'll also be using the livestream as an opportunity to demonstrate some of the features of the software too.

We've been working on this project for such a long time there are a lot of other components that we have in development which we'd like to show you during the live stream as well and maybe even show you some of the prototypes!

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