Robotic Beer Delivery!

We're taking axiiio in a bold new direction!

We're Pivoting! We're taking axiiio in a bold new direction: Robotic Beer Delivery!

OK, maybe not, but here's a video of Adam attaching a motion pancake to a skateboard using a prototype keyhole clamp which we 3D printed. That's the same clamp we have as a stretch goal in our Kickstarter Campaign. The result is a very simple DIY dolly rig that you can build using a skateboard as the base with a single nano motion pancake, a motor and a receiver. You could build this with the Starter Kit!


This is all in an effort to show everyone that axiiio nano is a system that you can use to add motion control to a wide range of camera rigs; especially DIY rigs. It's a hard story to tell simply and we really need help to share it. If you're excited by what axiiio nano can do, please share our Kickstarter campaign, like us, share our posts, whatever, on all the social medias. You know, the usual malarky.