Sneak Peek - Vertical Motion Timelapse

We used our new camera motion control system for some timelapse footage!

We're excited to show you our new, super flexible camera motion control system, axiiio nano.

Here's a sneak peak at two short time lapses we made on a recent trip to beautiful Dunsborough, Western Australia

For this shoot we set up a four-axis rig using the axiiio nano series tilt, pan and focus head, and an off-the-shelf camera slider. The rig was lifting a Nikon D800 stills camera with a Samyang 24mm and 35mm lens.

One of the great features of the axiiio system is that the same few components can be reconfigured for multiple motion-control rig solutions. Real-time and programmed motion is performed using the axiiio mobile app.

Keep an eye out on the axiiio lab YouTube channel for a complete breakdown of how we set the rig up and filmed these clips. Over the coming weeks we'll be releasing more videos demonstrating all the types of rigs you can build using the system.