one system one goal

axiiio is designed to be the most flexible camera motion system you will ever own. From the beginning we wanted it to be useful to photographers and film-makers, because lets face it, the difference between the two is becoming more and more blurred with each passing year.

Our primary goal for the axiiio system was to make it as versatile as possible, creating a product that was happy to be whatever you want it to be. It made us think about the components that we use everyday in film making and photography and re-define them into something familiar, but far more versatile.

But that wasn't enough... It had to be ultra portable, durable, lightweight and, most importantly, simple to use.

Simple to use means that the software for axiiio needs to be special. That's why everything about the system is software definable. From the way you configure our PROMOCO software for use on your setup through to the way our soft controllers can be customised to your rig.

It also means that the mechanical components of axiiio can pre-configured for a new task without tools. All of the components use our one clamping systems, which provide a tool-less way to adjust axiiio in use, and to re-assemble it for alternate tasks.