designed to do more

When you hold the axiiio nano reciever in your hand, it's hard to believe that it can do all the things does. But then, we started out with a blank slate and a very ambitious list of features. axiiio is the culmination of thinking about film and photographic automation as a system, rather than a product that does only one thing.

The hardware for axiiio is built to last and be software definable. That means that the systems feature set will be constantly improving through firmware upgrades. When you invest in an axiiio system your investing in the software smarts as much as the actual hardware.


  • 6 axis motion control as standard, no upgrades or more expensive software for this capability.
  • Inbuilt USB camera support. Just select the camera you have in the software and you can control the camera functions remotely from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Configure the axiiio receiver to be a motion control device, a fully featured Focus Iris Zoom (FIZ) controller, a gyro stabiliser tilt pan controller, or any combination of these using the same motors.
  • Motion control for time lapse photography, epic cinema moves or composites of both.
  • Save your configuration setups and re-use them again and again.

lightweight & small

  • The axiiio receiver weighs only 160 grams (5.7oz) with the one system 15/19 mm rod clamp installed.
  • axiiio is manufactured out of aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fiber to make it as light and strong as possible.
  • It uses industry standard professional quality connectors and leads.

easy to use

  • Combined with the intuitive axiiio PROMOCO software the receiver is extremely simple to use.
  • Pick a controller flavor from our pre-loaded lists and get instant access to the most commonly used rig setups for fast startups