Ports & Controls



Power port

Power lead plugs in here. 12V supply maximum. The system can draw up to 8 Amps with all motors are running at maximum torque.

Camera control

This port can be used to plug into the USB port of selected camera models to control camera functions. Shutter speed, ISO, aperture, white balance and more can be controlled via this port. Future firmware will allow connection to a PC for motion control using software like Dragonframe.

Also contained in this plug is a communications port (in addition to the USB) which will allow connection of external serial bus controllers and enable 2 axiiio receivers to communicate, giving multiple options for control. Using this feature you could control 3D rigs lenses in a full FIZ setup (6 motors).

The communications port will also allow future accesories to be connected to the axiiio system - like a light meter for better control of bulb ramping time-lapses.

Multi IO

axiiio allows for direct connection of different types of controller using this port. You can connect a thumb-wheel and joystick (at the same time) to control a tilt pan and focus on a motion rig. Alternately if you are doing some run n gun filming, a thumb-wheel for focusing and a force controller for zoom could be connected.

This port is also used to connect axiiio up to a ppm compatible gyro-stabilised rig, like the Movi or any Alexmos based systems. This gives you wireless control of the tilt and pan axis on the stabiliser.

Additionally you can connect up to two standard RC servo motors (with a separate power supply) to give you control of up to 6 axis simultaneously.

Nano motors

This is where you plug in the axiiio digital motors. axiiio can control motors via these four ports. Depending on the configuration flavor you choose, the software will tel you which port to plug which motor into.