by design

We set out with a truly ambitious target for our motors. We wanted to utilise the same motor for both camera lens control AND be able to install them on multiple motion packages as well. They needed to be small and light enough to not be obtrusive on a gyrostabilised camera platform, but also generate enough torque to provide accurate movement to cameras mounted on motion rigs. To do this we had to design everything from scratch, from the motors and their positioning system through to the space age carbon fiber housing and super strong gear train.

The nano motor is the result...

15 and 19mm rail options

axiiio nano motors use our patented one clamp system which can accommodate both 15 and 19 mm rods, so whatever rig you have, our motors will fit. For more on the one clamp system click here.

lightweight & powerful

Our motors weigh just 190 grams (7 oz) with the clamp installed, making them one of the lightest available, but unlike other small motors axiiio nano motors are incredibly powerful. In fact their power to weight ratio is the highest we have ever seen. With a peak torque of 3Nm these motors really punch above their weight.

easy to use

axiiio nano motors are simple to use, just plug them in using our industry standard metal connectors