Launching 2021

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Pre-Built Kits

We have a range of carbon fibre, pre-build kits - for the ultimate in lightweight rigs.

Slider Rigs

Automate sliders with axiiio nano components.

axiiio nano FIZ kit

Create a fully featured, programmable Focus, Iris and Zoom lens controller.


Using standard photographic components you can create the right rig for the job.

Ultimate Control

For the ultimate system, our 4-axis rig has everything you need for camera automation.


Control any rig you create using our mobile app. Create and save motion programs and cues.

Get the shot with one system

Whatever the type of shot you want, the axiiio nano system has a solution. It’s flexible… no, we mean REALLY flexible... like, AMAZINGLY flexible. Add programmable motion control to any camera, any rig, any job, anywhere.


Product Shots

You can use the axiiio nano system to automate your product photography using the motion pancake and a turntable. Create multiple shots in one pass to get the perfect angle.


Linear motion

Create high-quality dolly shots by automating your slider with one of our motion pancakes. You can choose from a belt drive or capstan version which uses a simple rope line. The capstan version is very flexible allowing for many different types of rigs to be created.


Stop motion animation

You can use the axiiio nano system to create camera movement in your stop motion animation scenes. We're working on integrations with popular stop motion capture software which will become available in future firmware upgrades.

High speed filming

The axiiio nano motion system can move very fast, making high-speed moves for slow motion cinematography possible. Rotational axes are capable of up to 420° rotation per second.

Dolly zooms

Because you can control any combination of lens rings and motion axes, fully automated dolly zooms are simple to set up and do. You can also create the Hitchcock effect as a timelapse.

Focus stacking

The axiiio nano systems flexibility allows you to connect to a wide variety of third-party equipment. In this example we've used it on a focus stacking rig to create beautiful high-resolution close-ups.

Timelapse photography

Generate stunning time lapses with a flexible system that enables you to take only the axis that you need to a location. From a single pan axis to 4 axis control, axiiio nano components get the job done.

Composite shots

Predictable motion enables you to do multilayered composite shots with camera movement. Frame accurate digital compositing across different program types is a reality with the axiiio nano system. This is an area of special effects that was out of reach for most filmmakers only a few years ago.